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Gravity Forms Designer Features


Typography element of Gravity Forms Designer let’s you easily apply the following to your typography.

  • Font-Family
  • Variant
  • Subset
  • Font Size
  • Line Height
  • Letter Spacing
  • Text Alignment
  • Text Transform
  • Color

You can apply the typography element to the following gravity forms sections.

  • Form Title
  • Form Description
  • Field Labels
  • Form Fields
  • Fields Description
  • Form Buttons
  • Section Titles
  • Section Descriptions

Form Wrapper

Form Wrapper contains the complete gravity form, you can easily apply the following styling options using gravity forms designer to gravity forms wrapper.

  • Form Width
  • Padding
  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Background Position
  • Background Repeat
  • Border Size, Type, Color and Radius

Form Fields

Inside Form Fields section of Gravity Forms Designer you can style the following sections of gravity forms.

  • Padding
  • Border Radius
  • Background Color
  • Border Size
  • Border Type
  • Border Color
  • Hover & Focus Color

Form Buttons

Inside Form Buttons section of Gravity Forms Designer you can apply the following option to form buttons.

  • Button Width
  • Padding
  • Border Radius
  • Background Color
  • Hover Color
  • Button Alignment